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“Oh Time Divine” written by Laura Burdo.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Time is divine… and time is a thief.
Life is a gift… and life is a bitch.

I think not.


We all have ever-turning (and churning) seasons in our lives.

Seems like just when we finally get the hang of something… or about when we start to get comfortable… wild winds whirl and we sense a shift in the atmosphere.

Ut-oh, what happens then?

Do you cringe at change, or combat it?

Maybe you expect it, and welcome it.

Divine Rhythm

When a season is light and lingering, of course, we delight in these times of tranquility. But, do you look over our shoulder at what could be coming down the pike while holding your breath a little bit?

So, what’s happening here?

Are you waiting to exhale… or are you waiting to inhale? No matter, maybe.

The natural answer to either state is merely to breathe. Metered and cyclical, as if each inhalation and exhalation is a compliment to the other.

Compatible – each are equally dependent upon the other.

This is a divine rhythm. Every breath affirming our existence as we trust that we belong in this life – in this time and space.

Your Weather Patterns

Have you noticed that we are all at the same time experiencing our own unique weather patterns (of life)? Some are sunny, or partly cloudy, while others are cold with lots of precipitation.

Maybe this is why Socrates once said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Let’s talk about those heavy and hovering seasons. You know… the ones that call for some true blue long-suffering.

Ut-oh, did I just hear you groan?


I get it… just typing those two words hit me.

I feel it in my chest or deep in the gut somewhere… like an old memory or like an anxious dread. This must be a common reaction because, c’mon, no one likes suffering!

But, we do have some say over the matter. We don’t have to be taken down or let the pain settle in. Instead, we could determine to gut it out.

Long Suffering

Did you know that long-suffering is an actual characteristic that we can develop? Yep.

The actual definition is having or showing patience in spite of troubles, especially those caused by other people.

Bet you know how to obtain this quality.

Yep again… we just have to deal!

It’s like what Robert Frost, the great American poet told us in his writings. He said, “The best way out is always through.”

Rhyme and Reason

Instinctively, we know that trying times are testing and teaching us. And yet, we struggle to feel appreciative. Of course, that too, is part of the lessons learned.

Hey, how bout the seasons that leave us mentally screwed-up, as they appear to have no rhyme or reason?

Jessica Jones (a super hero character) said, “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stranger.” Pretty good one, right?

Now, we could try to resist these stages of changes within us. But should we?

Isn’t that like trying to wear a hat on a very windy day, shoveling sidewalks while it’s still snowing, or talking to a person who isn’t listening? I mean, we can do that, but it can be exhausting and ultimately futile.

In addition, these reactions would only rob us.

Behind the Divine

What would happen if we expected and accepted all things? As in… whatever arises, love it.

Say to yourselves, everything is as it should be. And then relax, because nothing is really under (our) control anyway.

It is said that change is taking place continuously, all the time, behind the scenes, underneath it all… even when we can’t quite detect it.

May I suggest that that is the divine design at work within us?

Fly with Byrds

You may already be acquainted with these wise words – courtesy of The Byrds.

Remember the song, Turn! Turn! Turn!

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late.

And… there it is.
The revelation is still relevant.
PEACE and PRESENCE is the purpose.

Final Words

Let us make peace with… self, others, loss, pain, and change.
And know this… God has made everything beautiful in its time.

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“Mush It” written by Laura Burdo.

A “Little” Story

A long time ago, in a mid-west town, this happened one snowy school-cancelled afternoon…

Suit Up

I remember requiring assistance getting into my snow suit – along with the usual accessories – mittens, earmuffs, and a hat, as I was only six years old. Now the boots… well, I put them on all-by-myself!

So there I stood, donning my new fuschia-pink snow suit with big fluffy earmuffs which practically covered my entire face. A white hat sat upon my head with pig-tails poking out at the sides.

We (my siblings and I) were anticipating snowball fights with neighborhood friends, sledding, and my personal favorite… making snow angels!

Prior to these wintery festivities, we had to complete schoolwork and tend to the family pet. These were strict orders from our father.

Seemed fair enough, and so we perform our tasks, leashed the dog and headed for the front door.

An Unexpected Twist

Just before anyone could take hold, this impetuously independent dog charges boldly into the great outdoors. “Tanner” was his name. Craazy was his game. Being a Shepard / Husky blend, this made him large, energetic, and strong-willed. (I’ll tell more about this four-legged feisty foe another time.)

I caught a glimpse of the end of the long leash and dove toward it, grasping with both hands. I recall the snow being high and slippery.  Now, one might say that my small stature was no match for that rambunctious rebel… or was it??

You see, all I needed to do to subdue the dog’s rant was to create a drag and tire him out, right? Then I could save the day by saving the dog and bring him safely back home.

At least, that was this six year old’s plan.


But slow down, he did not!

Tanner charged up and down the main drag including some side streets, slid-into and climbed-out of ditches, chased a few dogs, and circled around too many trees to count. Yet, I held onto that leash for dear life – for his, and for mine.

Worries and thoughts racing. What if he ran away and became lost in the cold? Or he caused an automobile accident that injured people. Also, I feared that we may receive rebuke from father for allowing the dog to escape in the first place!

This scene continued for quite awhile as Tanner was rather young and spry – but, ya know what, so was I!

Mush It - Laura Burdo

I suspect that being a gymnast made me no stranger to pain. Perhaps, it even helped me endure the discomfort of being jerked around, dragged over rough pavements, and bashing into the occasional inanimate object or tree along the way.

Ugh, and all that twirling. Remember the long leash? Well at times, I was on my back or sideways, but periodically, I’d be completely face down in the snow.


Neighbors were gathering to observe this spectacle. Some were staring with gaping mouths, others laughing. Bigger boys were chanting, “MUSH, MUSH!” and other obnoxious things.

But, ALL were shouting, “LET GOOO!”

I overheard my brother exclaim, “My sister’s a fighter, she won’t let-go!”

(Speaking of my brother… he recently recounted the details of this day with me.  We had a good laugh when he said that if this had occurred during the smart-phone era, it surely would have been captured on video and posted on social media!)

Show’s Over

Although attention spans may have been a bit longer back then, still the crowd dispersed. Tanner’s show-boating slowly dwindled and then his mania just stopped. And would you believe, right in front of our very own house?

And there we were… panting and wrung-out. Tanner’s coat snowy and his paws were mud. My snow suit was ripped in several places and my hat lost.

My siblings and I sulked up to the house together… like a scene in the movie, Dead Man Walking. We readied ourselves for punishment.

I’m still hanging onto that leash. Tanner’s tongue… (still) hanging out.


Father runs toward us with an expression upon his face that confused me. It looked something more like pity then anger. He lifted me up and held me, and attended to my bruises while brushing wet clumps of icy snow from my hair.

I asked, “Father, what does MUSH mean?

I told him that the punk boys were chanting it.

He roared with laughter and said, “Basically, Tanner fled and you, my dear, became the sled.”

Final Thoughts

As I reflect on this story, it both warms my heart, and saddens it.You see, that pattern of rescue, responsibility, worry, holding on too tightly, and not knowing when to let go has permeated my life. At times, this caused considerable conflict and perhaps pain to others, but certainly to myself.

Today, I understand that the best I can do – in all situations – is to seek the wisdom to know the difference.

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“Age on Stage” written by Laura Burdo.

“Old is a Decision”

Did you know that there are really only three stages of age? There’s Youth. Middle-age. And “Hey, you’re lookin’ pretty good!”




A poor little three-letter word that’s so often treated as a four. A word that congers up soo much emotion – and gets soo much rejection.

But hey, let’s not feel too sorry for it.

I mean, it does do some mean things.

And it rhymes with mean little words like rage and cage. But ohh, it also rhymes with sage and page…as in, maybe, just keep turnin’ em?

I’m well aware of the reactions. So much so, that I look for alternative ways to say “it” while I’m teaching or coaching. For example, I like to say, “Such and such tends to occur as time goes on.” (Wink-wink, and not ‘as we age’.)

Panic Manic

But friends, we need to resist hitting the panic or punish button, OK? And just get a grip on ourselves.

Look, we all need reality-checks, and sometimes maybe even a checkup from the neck up!


A few months ago, I hired for myself a counselor, a nutritionist, and a Crossfit coach. You see, I was turning the big 5-O, and I wanted to get myself into a better place of self-control, strength, and discipline (but nothing too crazy, mind you)!

I set a goal and entered The Ms. Cincinnati Natural Figure Competition (historically, the longest running show of its kind.)

In my youth, I was an accomplished light-weight bodybuilder and held numerous overall titles. Now that I am ‘middle-aged’, things are a little different (oh hell, they are a lot different)!

They put me in the Masters category (but hey, thank God it wasn’t labeled Seniors, right)?
I placed third. Felt pretty grateful…not for the trophy, but that I did it… and trained without strain or injury.

age on stage - trophy - Laura Burdo - Pilates Preacher

The Best Part

Best part – I found some treasures within myself that I had misplaced, chucked away, or never even had before.

Soo, not bad for a middle-aged woman, right?

But… do you know what?!

I think I overheard a few people in the audience saying,



Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“No Apathy” written by Laura Burdo.

Got apathy?


The Struggle

Here’s some empathy for you… because I struggle at times, too. But, I have more for you.

A dialogue between us and apathy.

US: I really need to start focusing on my health.

APATHY: Well, it probably won’t happen, or help much, anyway.

US: I must improve my health because my life depends on it.

APATHY: You’ve tried before, but ‘cha always fail.

US: At least, I’ll feel better about myself and have more energy.

APATHY: Well, good luck with that. I’m just gonna go take a nap.

Just a Character

We all remember, Eeyore, right?

He’s the character in Winnie-The-Pooh.

He comes to mind when I think on this topic.

Here’s one of his more infamous quotes.

“End of the road. Nothin’ to do. And no hope of things getting better.”

(Heck, that sounds like Saturday night at my house!) Ugh, sound familiar? Hope not… but I get it.

Now, I’m no doctor, so I’m not trying to diagnose anyone.

But, if that sounds like the inner-dialogue in your head, you just may be suffering from a case of…

EeyoreThe Eeyore Syndrome

Okay, sure, Eeyore was cute.

But c’mon, what a sad lil guy, right?

A real pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey type.

So, of course, we don’t want to emulate him. I mean, that would make us a jackass!

Fight Apathy

The other day, I saw a guy sporting a t-shirt that read, Fight Apathy… or don’t.

Well, that’s the spirit, was my first thought! But then, I realized the ironic humor. My second thought was… uhhh, but what if we are too far gone? I mean, true apathy might interfere with the fight, right?

We can imagine that there are a myriad of factors (some medical or mental health related) that play into apathy, which makes each personal case intricate and complicated, of course.

If we can’t fight apathy, it may indicate that we are too apathetic about even being apathetic. Some believe that it’s always a choice, no matter what condition we are in. Yet, others can feel quite the contrary.


Here’s an example from one end of the camp. I saw this meme the other day on social media.

“Apathy is the overrated protection of that rock you’re hiding under.” Anonymous.

OUCH! I don’t know about you, but statements like that make me squirm (and maybe yell little bit).

Before we get all up-in-arms, we must consider the source of that quote -signed, “Anonymous.” Really?! Maybe the author is doing a bit of “hiding”, also, ah? Ugh, I suppose we are all guilty of it.

To be fair, sure, there are elements of truth regarding that quote. I’ll admit to feeling a pang of conviction… and the guilt in me groaned a lil bit.

carl jung 2Carl Jung

Carl Jung talked about apathy.

He said, “There can be no transforming of darkness into light and apathy into movement without emotion.”

This hit me right in the heart of MY matter! It spoke both sense and encouragement to me. Inspiration was obviously knocking – and I welcomed it in.

Upon reading his wise words, I grabbed a piece of paper in hand.

Do This Exercise

Took immediate action… because I didn’t want to have the moment pass me by. I drew a vertical line down the center of the blank page.

One side represented the list of areas in my life where I needed movement and improvement.

The opposing side represented the areas where I felt a healthy degree of success. (I needed this to keep my confidence and self-respect in balance before listing the apathetic areas.)

I tell clients to take a lil compassion before taking big action.

This way, we propel from a positive place, rather than from a place of punishment.

Take baby steps forward. Though the pace may be slow.. and a bit wobbly, eventually you get where you want to go.

May I encourage you to take-to-the-page along with me? Do remember to be humble, brave, and gentle, too. Accept mercy and movement, simultaneously.

Sometimes, just “seeing and hearing” yourself in writing makes an important impact. More than that, it can be a turning point and the beginning of greatness.

A Final Word

Joe Pilates said, “Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things.”

Remember that guy’s apathy t-shirt? I’d rather sport a tee that reads.. “Fight apathy…AND WIN!”

No good thing can be born of apathy.

Think about it.

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“Meet Your Feet” written by Laura Burdo.

This is what I like to say to someone when I am introducing them to the Pilates Principles of alignment and posture.

Basic Pilates Principals

I organize their bodies to find the correct form – in terms of how to stand, sit, kneel, and recline – all in good alignment without strain.

I start at the foundation – which is the feet – and work from the ground to the crown.

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci said that the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art? Ahh, so true! The human foot is a wonder to behold – and yet is seldom told.

Our wonderful (and sometimes under appreciated) feet do so much for us. We take them for granted… until they have pain or create tales of woe elsewhere in the body.

It behooves us to not just make their acquaintance, but to really bond with our feet. Think of the feet as the ‘boots on the ground’. As in, they are the first line of defense against ‘attacks’ of compression and collapse.

The Human Foot

The human foot has so much to do with our overall skeletal support. For example; our spine, hips, and knees greatly rely upon them. Literally so.

In addition to all that, our feet naturally help to stabilize our coordinated balance. And they are endowed with tremendous pain and sensory perceptions – more than any other area in the body.

Wow! Think of the feet as organic high-tech devices!

The “Foundation” of Pilates

Joe Pilates, being a physical therapist and the founder of the Pilates Method (originally- called Contrology) understood that the human foot was a key foundation of the body’s support system. He likened it to the foundation of a building. In that, if it isn’t structurally sound, then the entire integrity of the building is compromised.

Of course, it’s the overall CORE of the body which sealed the deal for the ultimate support. I teach that the ‘core’ is everything but the limbs.

Basically, from the bottom to the brain.

Meet Your Feet - Laura Jumping - Pilates Preacher


So may I say to you, MEET YOUR FEET!

* Stand or sit, recognizing three natural weight-bearing centers of each foot. * Perceive both sides of the ball, and the center of your heel.

* Loosen, lengthen, and spread toes

* Notice how you are distributing your body weight.

* Balance evenly as though you have a tripod of three suction cups under each foot.

And then …don’t live down there.
Imagine energy is rising from your ground and surging thru the crown – lifting upward and beyond.

It’s been said that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Sounds lofty… can you feel it?

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“In The Quiet” written by Laura Burdo.

It’s in the quiet that we hear the most.

Quiet The Mind

“The mind when housed within a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power.”

Brain In ControlIn the Quiet - Brain In Control

Joseph Pilates made this power statement. Being the founder of the Method of Contrology, he touted that we must first train the brain – and then – the brain will control the will of the body.

This is to be highlighted…especially in our world today. I feel that our minds are under attack. Information bombards us. We juggle economic and societal pressures, cultural expectations, family concerns … and if there’s a bit of time and energy left, we take care of ourselves.

This is crazy making, right?
All that makes it difficult to live orderly – with personal priorities.

Joe said that we are to do things with profound purpose. Sounds great. But to do so, we might have to first quiet and control the mind. I wonder what could happen if we could master this – and have a healthful body!

in the quiet - rick warrenPurpose

Rick Warren authored the book, The Purpose Driven Life, awhile back. It sold about a million copies per month for a very long time. He said this in a Ted Talk, “What surprised him most about the book was that he got to write it.”

You see, he never considered himself an author. He just said that he liked to spend time being quiet… and being open.

“Tune Out to Tune In.” That’s what I say to admonish others.

“Airplane mode” is what I call it.


I’ve learned to seek solitude. It’s become a precious practice to me.
Whether it be a hike, reading, or stretching gently upon a mat – no matter the activity, BEING ALONE is the point.

Yet, alone I am not.
Just like a divine appointment, something tangible meets me.

At times, the quiet speaks, occasionally in a loud tone.
I’ve questioned this space, and its power.
Is it my subconscious mind?
Is it the universe?
Is it God?

Psychology Today

Psychology Today published an article on this very topic.

They differentiated between loneliness and solitude. “Loneliness is a negative state, marked by a sense of isolation or rejection. One feels that something is missing. It is possible to be with people and still feel lonely – perhaps the most bitter form of loneliness. Solitude is the state of being alone, without being lonely.”

Over the years, I realized that we can even be lonesome for ourselves, is a way, lacking personal peace and fellowship with self. And just maybe, something higher than ourselves longs for our company.

Josh Wesly

John Wesly was an English Anglican cleric and theologian who, with his brother, Charles and fellow cleric George Whitfield, founded Methodism.

John Wesly’s mother is said to have sat in a chair and thrown her apron over her head as a sign to her kids to leave her alone.

Jesus usually went to a secluded hillside to meditate.

And A Final Thought

A “prayer closet” might even be a daily commute, a bench in the back yard, or under the kitchen table.

The point is that the “closet” is free from interruption, distraction, and listening ears.

But, keep your ears attuned.


Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“Less Hope Full” written by Laura Burdo.

“If you think it’s hopeless, it isn’t.”

Is It Real?

So, is it a situation, a relationship, is it a job, or is it you that’s hopeless?

I get it.

It’s a thought and a feeling that’s pretty familiar.

But, you know what? It’s just that. A thought. Oh, it feels real, but it isn’t.

Opinion isn’t always truth.

(And neither are emotions the best barometer.)

By Definition…

Here’s the definition of hopeless. Lacking hope, despairing, not expecting anything positive – giving no grounds for hope, promising nothing desirable, desperate.

Now, that’s heavy.

But, you know what?

Those negative devils are liars! Worse than that, despair seeks to steal your joy and comes only to destroy.

Hope deferred afflicts the soul and makes the heart sick. But, when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.


It has been said that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

What if someone gave you grounds for hope? Or better yet, what if you gave yourself permission to hope again?

A glass half full… or a glass half empty. A gas tank once full, now low… or… on empty.

It’s like that.

Samuel SmilesSamuel Smiles

Samuel Smiles lived in the 1800s. He was a Scottish author who is known as a government and social reformer.

He practically rose to celebrity status overnight when he released his masterpiece of a book titled, Self Help.

He concluded that more progress could come from new attitudes then from more laws.

Here’s one of his more powerful quotes, in my opinion. “Hope is like the sun, which as you journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burdens behind us.”

Dalai LamaDalai Lama

I’m gonna close with a gracious reminder from the Dalai Lama … “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

Well, there we go … all our bases are covered!

May our hopes soar higher and may we be without doubt…

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“Gonna Be” written by Laura Burdo.

“If you think it’s hopeless, it isn’t.”

Hello, I’m Laura Burdo, The Pilates Preacher!

I aspire to inspire you.

From Inspiration to Perspiration and Beyond!

I like to introduce myself like this.

It sounds more like an announcement than an introduction.  I’m tooting a horn, alright. Not just my own, though.

But, one for YOU, and for our friends and loved ones.

It’s a megaphone sounding off… a proclamation… a war cry.

It’s the sound of MAKING & TAKING ACTION.  Whether it be to you, faint or blaring… this is the message I’m carrying.

From Experience

For over 25 years, operating as a Pilates Professional and a health consultant in private practice, I’ve honed unique skills. And almost like a sixth sense, I’ve perceived a revelation, or two… or ten.

Upon meeting new clients, I tell them, “Initially, you will be forming a relationship with me. But ultimately, my job is to encourage an astounding relationship between yourself and your own mind, body, and spirit.”


That’s what I’m talking about.

During the consultation phase, I listen intently as they describe their current physical condition (often the lack there of) and their state of mind.

Later, we conduct an overall fitness evaluation. This is where I collect health history data. All vitally important, but unfortunately, this is where conversation typically stops in the health and fitness field.

Whenever possible, I try to go deeper. You see, people basically know what to do with their brain and their body. (Albeit, they often lack pertinent input and motivation.)

Rarely, however, do I witness the exploration of – the delicately intricate – core of the matter.



Please don’t misunderstand The Pilates Preacher’s position.   It’s not my intention to suppose or impose.  So, I repent if I tread upon your toes!

I’m expressing affirmation and agreement with you.  You know that you possess all you need to succeed.

See it already … YOUR OWN BRAND of inspired integration.

It’s Like This

For many years, I desired to reach-out on a platform which would help me connect with more people. Those who, for whatever reasons, I would never have the chance to meet.

I’d imagine and fantasize a myriad of possibilities. I even embarked upon various venues and avenues. Made both bold and meager moves … all to no avail.

Nothing stuck. Nothing took shape.

Was it something cosmic like the planets had yet to align?

Perhaps, the timing wasn’t right? Or I simply wasn’t ready?


This gets us, ultimately, nowhere.


Basically, builds the airplane while it’s in flight.

You see, I had the desire. I had the ability.
My flesh was willing, but my spirit was weak.
Or vice-versa?
Ugh, or both?

The point is that I had to step-out in faith.

And step-up in the right spirit and attitude.

We can wander about in circles and sit around wondering.


We can decide to get moving, keep onward, and soar upward!

Instead of asking, WHAT, WHERE, & WHEN?
Let’s declare instead … THAT, THERE & THEN!

Don’t be a wanna-be.
Be a gonna-be.

Joseph_Pilates - The Pilates Preacher

A Final Word

“Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things.” – Joseph H. Pilates

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please comment below.

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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“Mentors” written by Laura Burdo.

As a youngster, I would hurry home from school to watch The Richard Simmons’ Show.

I’d sit cross-legged upon the floor, and against parental admonitions, position myself very close to the television. My favorite segment was what followed the exercise, when the lights were dimmed, and reflective music wafted in the background. Richard would peer into the camera and speak directly into our living rooms. My heart swelled with admiration when he would say that he knew there was a healthier and happier person within each one of us. His demeanor was compassionate, and his words, empathetic. To me, he might as well have been clairvoyant – and quite possibly, a Saint. This show resonated deeply within me. And despite family’s efforts to dissuade, I simply couldn’t divert my misty, mesmerized eyes from that screen.

For years, I continued to rehearse and memorize exercise scripts. This fascination of mine concerned my parents because I was an underweight petite kid who didn’t need more activity. I was a performer on a gymnastic team called The Sundance Kids, and I enjoyed modern dance. In high school, I became a competitive cheerleader and joined the track team. Later, I taught aerobics (big surprise), coached cheerleading teams, and earned an income as a fitness model.

I suffered an injury during this time, which lead me to have surgery with many weeks of physical therapy. The therapist explained that I needed to discontinue certain activities, but graciously suggested an alternative avenue for my physical competitiveness – Bodybuilding and Figure Shows.

This I did pursue, and after much work and hard knocks, I eventually captured local, state, and national titles.

I settled into a career that encompassed three worlds – rehabilitation, fitness, and inspirational coaching. It seems like pure Providence to be able to combine interests that feel so natural to me. For this bliss, I’m grateful.

My business operates in the form of a private practice which involves a diverse array of physical modalities, consulting, and motivational speaking.

And whenever possible, I embrace opportunities for community outreach.

Along my journey, I was confronted with the profound teachings of a man named JOSEPH PILATES.

His methodologies are clinical, complex, and now a century-old. Originally called CONTROLOGY, Mr. Pilates touted that we must first train the brain, as it’s the mind itself which builds the body. My initial impression was that this is a miraculous missing link for every imaginable physical condition. I immediately acted upon this recognition. I received certification and began implementing the Pilates Principles into every facet of my work. As time went on, I had the revelation that this is a missing link to so much more of what ails us. This is why I refer to it as inspired integration for the whole being. It fact, it was defined, by the creator and founder himself, as complete coordination of the mind, body, and the spirit. Many do not know that THE PILATES METHOD not only builds the body, but has a methodology for the mind, and a philosophy for life. It was these fundamental components that established the field of rehabilitation that we use today, and has virtually revolutionized the entire world of fitness.

Even all of this doesn’t do Joe justice. He had such high hopes and aspirations for us. And I really want you to know Joe! You may say I’m obsessed. Many have teased me for my exuberance. I mention Joe so frequently that I’m accused of having an imaginary friend – which is true, in all actuality.

Mentors are magical like that. They show up in our lives at different times, in various forms. Some living, some gone, some we’ve known, others not. They are everywhere – crossing our path, hovering above, contending with us, lingering. Occasionally, they are waiting for us to accept the call to take the torch, as in a relay race with the passing of the baton.

Inspiration can be a mysterious matter. But, perhaps if we attune our eyes to see and our ears to hear, we may then bear witness to this wondrous whirling world. Surely, we shall wave our arms, jump and shout for the amazing grace, which is all about!

In the words of Van Morrison’s song, Ballerina, “Grab it, catch it! Fly it, try it! Come’on, sigh it!”

Japanese Haiku: (author unknown)

Mentors inspire 

Such as the dragonflies do 

Hope whispered so true 

As it goes with all of us, the culmination of our life experiences are actually the production of us in the making.

So, Ta-Da, meet Laura Burdo / The Pilates Preacher!

I aspire to inspire you!


“Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things.” Joseph Pilates


“Top Ten Tips – From Top Sports Psychologists” written by Laura Burdo.

Want to know how you can use sports psychology and mental training to reach your health, fitness and sports goals faster, easier, and get the results you want?

Here is a compilation of some top mindset tips to help you build new motivation, confidence and major breakthroughs in your fitness, your training and in your life.

10. Positive Images: When your are exercising, use your positive mental images throughout your workout to create feelings of speed and power. (e.g., If you’re walking or running and you come to an unexpected hill visualize a magnet pulling you effortlessly to the top). Use visualization before, during and after your training to build confidence and new motivation.

9. Power Words: Make positive self-statements continually. Negative thinking is common; everyone has an inner critic. Become aware of these thoughts early on. Don’t fight with them; simply acknowledge their presence, and then substitute positive power words. (e.g., When you’re thinking: “This hurts too much, I want to lay down and die”; say to yourself: “This feeling is connected with getting healthier and doing my absolute best.”)

8. Present Focus: Practice being in the present moment. Remind yourself to stay in the here and now. Instead of replaying past mistakes, or worrying about the future, let past and future events fade into the background. Be right on, right here, right now.

7. Advantage: Use everything in your workout to your advantage. For example, if another person passes you, tuck in behind and go with his or her energy for as long as possible. You may catch a “second wind” and be carried on to a personal record.

6. Chunking Goals: Focus on your immediate target. Break your training goals down into small, manageable pieces and begin to focus only on the first portion, not the entire workout (e.g., Say to yourself: “I’m just relaxing and getting my rhythm during the first part, or the first workout session”).

5. Body Scan: Pay close attention to your tension level and training form. Do a body scan while working out and relax your tight muscles frequently. Ask yourself: “Are my shoulders and neck relaxed; how does this pace feel; how much energy is left in my legs?”

4. Pain as Effort: If you have “good pain,” the pain of effort, that is not seriously damaging your body, just shift attention to your breathing or cadence of movement, and let the discomfort fade into the background. You can also use the pain as feedback. Register it not as pain but as effort level. Say: “Now I know exactly how hard I’m working. I know how this pace feels. My body is doing what it should be doing.”

3. Detach From Outcome: Look only at what you need to do right now (e.g., your pace, your breathing, your concentration); your final time, place, or score will take care of itself.

2. Focused Attention: Be aware of distractions. Breathe out unwanted thoughts with your next exhale and re-focus your attention instantly on what is important right now, at this moment.

1. Celebration: Enjoy and appreciate your fitness and strength. When you exercise, relax and let your body do what you’ve trained it to do. Remember that your goals are to be realistic, so all you need do is to perform up to your capabilities.