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“Age on Stage” written by Laura Burdo.

Old is a Decision

Did you know that there are really only three stages of age? There’s Youth. Middle-age. And “Hey, you’re lookin’ pretty good!”


A poor little three-letter word that’s so often treated as a four. A word that congers up soo much emotion – and gets soo much rejection.

But hey, let’s not feel too sorry for it.

I mean, it does do some mean things.

And it rhymes with mean little words like rage and cage. But ohh, it also rhymes with sage and page…as in, maybe, just keep turnin’ em?

I’m well aware of the reactions. So much so, that I look for alternative ways to say “it” while I’m teaching or coaching. For example, I like to say, “Such and such tends to occur as time goes on.” (Wink-wink, and not ‘as we age’.)

Panic Manic

But friends, we need to resist hitting the panic or punish button, OK? And just get a grip on ourselves.

Look, we all need reality-checks, and sometimes maybe even a checkup from the neck up!


A few months ago, I hired for myself a counselor, a nutritionist, and a Crossfit coach. You see, I was turning the big 5-O, and I wanted to get myself into a better place of self-control, strength, and discipline (but nothing too crazy, mind you)!

I set a goal and entered The Ms. Cincinnati Natural Figure Competition (historically, the longest running show of its kind.)

In my youth, I was an accomplished light-weight bodybuilder and held numerous overall titles. Now that I am ‘middle-aged’, things are a little different (oh hell, they are a lot different)!

They put me in the Masters category (but hey, thank God it wasn’t labeled Seniors, right)?
I placed third. Felt pretty grateful…not for the trophy, but that I did it… and trained without strain or injury.

age on stage - trophy - Laura Burdo - Pilates Preacher

The Best Part

Best part – I found some treasures within myself that I had misplaced, chucked away, or never even had before.

Soo, not bad for a middle-aged woman, right?

But… do you know what?!

I think I overheard a few people in the audience saying,



Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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