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“Gonna Be” written by Laura Burdo.

You Gonna Be

“If you think it’s hopeless, it isn’t.”

Hello, I’m Laura Burdo, The Pilates Preacher!

I aspire to inspire you ~

From Inspiration to Perspiration and Beyond!

I like to introduce myself like this.

It sounds more like an announcement than an introduction.  I’m tooting a horn, alright. Not just my own, though.

But, one for YOU, and for our friends and loved ones.

It’s a megaphone sounding off… a proclamation… a war cry.

It’s the sound of MAKING & TAKING ACTION.  Whether it be to you, faint or blaring… this is the message I’m carrying.

From Experience

For over 25 years, operating as a Pilates Professional and a health consultant in private practice, I’ve honed unique skills. And almost like a sixth sense, I’ve perceived a revelation, or two… or ten.

Upon meeting new clients, I tell them, “Initially, you will be forming a relationship with me. But ultimately, my job is to encourage an astounding relationship between yourself and your own mind, body, and spirit.”


That’s what I’m talking about.

During the consultation phase, I listen intently as they describe their current physical condition (often the lack there of) and their state of mind.

Later, we conduct an overall fitness evaluation. This is where I collect health history data. All vitally important, but unfortunately, this is where conversation typically stops in the health and fitness field.

Whenever possible, I try to go deeper. You see, people basically know what to do with their brain and their body. (Albeit, they often lack pertinent input and motivation.)

Rarely, however, do I witness the exploration of – the delicately intricate – core of the matter.



Please don’t misunderstand The Pilates Preacher’s position.   It’s not my intention to suppose or impose.  So, I repent if I tread upon your toes!

I’m expressing affirmation and agreement with you.  You know that you possess all you need to succeed.

See it already … YOUR OWN BRAND of inspired integration.

It’s Like This

For many years, I desired to reach-out on a platform which would help me connect with more people. Those who, for whatever reasons, I would never have the chance to meet.

I’d imagine and fantasize a myriad of possibilities. I even embarked upon various venues and avenues. Made both bold and meager moves … all to no avail.

Nothing stuck. Nothing took shape.

Was it something cosmic like the planets had yet to align?

Perhaps, the timing wasn’t right? Or I simply wasn’t ready?


This gets us, ultimately, nowhere.


Basically, builds the airplane while it’s in flight.

You see, I had the desire. I had the ability.
My flesh was willing, but my spirit was weak.
Or vice-versa?
Ugh, or both?

The point is that I had to step-out in faith.

And step-up in the right spirit and attitude.

We can wander about in circles and sit around wondering.


We can decide to get moving, keep onward, and soar upward!

Instead of asking, WHAT, WHERE, & WHEN?
Let’s declare instead … THAT, THERE & THEN!

Don’t be a wanna-be.
Be a gonna-be.

Joseph_Pilates - The Pilates Preacher

Joe Quote

“Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things.” – Joseph H. Pilates

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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