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Holy Yoga

Holy Yogalates®


Holy Yoga® exists to establish communities across the globe where individuals are intersected by The living God through the physical practice of yoga and living beyond themselves.

“ Love God with all your heart, your might and intelligence —and love your neighbor as yourself.” ~ Luke 10:27

Yoga, within itself, is not a religion, but a vehicle for physical fitness and to heighten awareness. It’s an overall opportunity to integrate the mind, body, and spirit.

Holy Yoga® is a Christian spiritual practice of body alignment, movement, and breath-work while centering focus upon God. Engaging prayer, meditation and movement with uplifting music, we create space in our minds, bodies and souls for God.

If you have ever considered the powerful and proven benefits of practicing yoga, but have been apprehensive about the spiritual intent … or worried that you aren’t flexible enough ~ Holy Yoga® is a gracious and gentle opportunity to connect with God, yourself, and your community.

Private Sessions

Schedule Private or Duet Holy Yogalates Sessions ~ for yourself, and with a friend or loved one! Each session is carefully customized to your own unique needs.

As you journey through your practice, appropriate adjustments will be made according to your individual aspirations.

The goal is to begin from within, connecting your mind, body, and soul as an integrated whole.

Invite the Spirit of God while you move through personalized poses, embrace grace, and develop an inspired integration for the whole-being.

Sessions to be held within our Cincinnati based boutique-styled studio, on location, via video chat, or by phone.



About Me


The mind, body, and spirit are one.
Each aspect is inexplicably intricately intertwined.
Let’s face it, it’s complex and can be perplexing, too.

Being an Exercise Professional for over thirty years in the fitness business, I’ve adequately addressed each compartmental aspect ~ to some avail, but not completely.

Within the Wellness Industry, there are various voices which tout one teaching or another … and yet another. All to which speak to individual components of our existence, yet all too often, neglect the core of the matter ~ our spiritual fitness, or the lack there of.

Furthermore, the average admonitions can be rabbit holes which lead to desolate places … or even worse. There are many ‘gods’ which limit our liberty, and hamper our happiness (self, materialism, addictions, etc.). It is said that what keeps us up at night, and what we first think about upon awakening, may be ‘lording’ over us.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

I believe that all matters relate and are resolved ultimately through the pure power of The One Living God. I’m not talking religion, per se, just One pure and powerful love.

So it is well with your soul?
Do you desire to be more whole?
Let’s explore your wellness goals ~ all together.

Laura Burdo CPT, LHC, HYI

Cincinnati, Ohio
Holy Yogalates Instructor
Gold-Certified Personal Trainer
Health Coach & Wellness Consultant