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Barry Thomas

Pilates, and it’s principles have greatly improved my quality of life. I was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that left me with significant neurological and muscular challenges. I’ve been working with Laura Burdo for over 5 years, and every week I discover new ways of applying the core principles of Pilates to help me overcome my challenges. This is due to Laura’s incredible knowledge of the human body, and how it ultimately functions at its best.

From my first session, Laura was able to assess my specific issues, while listening intently to what it was that brought me to her in the first place (my doctor had recommended Pilates to help support the demands upon my body and mind.) Then together, we determined short and long-term goals to achieve.

Laura works passionately to help her clients reach their goals. She is amazing at figuring out goals for her clients that they have never even imagined that they could reach -and then she makes you, as her client, believe fully in your ability to reach those goals!

Bottom-line, I would highly recommend Laura and the Pilates Method to anyone who seeks a high level of life.

Barry Thomas