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“Meet Your Feet” written by Laura Burdo.

“Meet your feet.”

This is what I like to say to someone when I am introducing them to the Pilates Principles of alignment and posture.

Basic Pilates Principals

I organize their bodies to find the correct form – in terms of how to stand, sit, kneel, and recline – all in good alignment without strain.

I start at the foundation – which is the feet – and work from the ground to the crown.

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci said that the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art? Ahh, so true! The human foot is a wonder to behold – and yet is seldom told.

Our wonderful (and sometimes under appreciated) feet do so much for us. We take them for granted… until they have pain or create tales of woe elsewhere in the body.

It behooves us to not just make their acquaintance, but to really bond with our feet. Think of the feet as the ‘boots on the ground’. As in, they are the first line of defense against ‘attacks’ of compression and collapse.

The Human Foot

The human foot has so much to do with our overall skeletal support. For example; our spine, hips, and knees greatly rely upon them. Literally so.

In addition to all that, our feet naturally help to stabilize our coordinated balance. And they are endowed with tremendous pain and sensory perceptions – more than any other area in the body.

Wow! Think of the feet as organic high-tech devices!

The “Foundation” of Pilates

Joe Pilates, being a physical therapist and the founder of the Pilates Method (originally called Contrology) understood that the human foot was a key foundation of the body’s support system. He likened it to the foundation of a building. In that, if it isn’t structurally sound, then the entire integrity of the building is compromised.

Of course, it’s the overall CORE of the body which sealed the deal for the ultimate support. I teach that the ‘core’ is everything but the limbs, basically, from the bottom to the brain.

Meet Your Feet - Laura Jumping - Pilates Preacher

So may I say to you, MEET YOUR FEET!

* Stand or sit, recognizing three natural weight-bearing centers of each foot. * Perceive both sides of the ball, and the center of your heel.

* Loosen, lengthen, and spread toes

* Notice how you are distributing your body weight.

* Balance evenly as though you have a tripod of three suction cups under each foot.

And then … don’t live down there.
Imagine energy is rising from your ground and surging thru the crown – lifting upward and beyond.

It’s been said that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Seems lofty… can you feel it?


Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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