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“Stop Shaking” written by Laura Burdo.

Do You Like Rain And Thunderstorms?

I do!

Laura Burdo - Stop Shaking 2

But, I will confess I prefer to seek shelter from the storms – insulating myself from risk and harm instead of being out in them.

Stuck… and just having to weather it!

It’s a natural reaction to self protect, and avoid, and shrink back a little bit, isn’t it?

It’s Greek

There’s an original Greek word for a violent storm, Seismos – which literally means a shaking.

Imagine an earthquake, a tsunami, or a volcano. Can you feel the rumble? Have you felt that within yourself – within the battles of your mind, or deep within your belly?

I 100-percent relate.

It’s not unlike this when we go through the storms of life!

The type that whip us around, knock us down, and sometimes drag us under.

Can’t Escape…

But these storms of life we can’t always escape. We can’t always find complete shelter – and nor should we!

For the stress, and the struggle, and the sufferings are ultimately for our own promotion and for our good.

Calm Down

So let’s calm the fear, walk away from worry, and denounce doubt. Especially, the kind that hinders our health and just turns us all inside-out.

Take heart!
Stop shaking!
Start standing on stable legs, on faith, and grounded feet!

Therefore, lift up the hands that hang down, strengthen those feeble knees, lift your eyes up to the mountains and know that your help cometh!

Stop Shaking - Laura Burdo - Pilates Preacher

You say you’re doing pretty well under the circumstances.

Well I say, “What are you doing under there”?!

Talk soon,
Laura Burdo
The Pilates Preacher

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Laura Burdo - The Pilates Preacher

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